Maw System 

Our Mission

The company's mission is to provide display solutions for the fruit and vegetables areas that are more innovative, efficient, and durable: that's why equipment are made of stainless steel AISI304.

The specific needs and demands of our customers, combined with the constant internal research and experience previously gained in fruit and vegetables sector, are our starting point: from here Maw generates ideas, designs, produces and sells completely on our own (from design plan and following rendering, the implementation of all products and equipment of a ready to use complete fruit and vegetable section).

Our strengths:

  • Administrating and directly managing all phases of analysis, design, production and sales;
  • building equipment both standardized and specifically requested by the customer;
  • producing entirely in Italy;
  • respect for the environment by choosing durable materials, noble and recyclable;
  • use of high quality materials, certified to contact with food and comply with all applicable regulations;
  • creating solutions that optimize the organization of work, enrich and qualify the image of the department, with the specific aim to implement the store;
  • continuous research and development of equipment, many patented;
  • constant customer service.

Our products:

  1. Display systems for container bins/containers/pallets/crates/folding boxes
  2. Stalls/Benches
  3. Exhibitors in thermoforming/Thermoformed
  4. Nuts exhibitors
  5. Other exhibitors for fruit and vegetables
  6. Dispenser/Pedestals for gloves and bags
  7. Exhibition systems for pricing
  8. Equipment and complementary articles for fruit and vegetables area